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For photographers

Photo makeup + haircut  1500, – CZK.  to 2000, – CZK

Offer for you at home

Are you going to a theater, a meeting, a school ball or a major event and need to groom oneself?        I´d like to make you up and comb your hair according to your wishes and requirements.  I will also visit you in the comfort of your home.

  • Natural or evening makeup + hair (iron, curl) – price 1500, – CZK
  • Formal and ball makeup + haircut – price 2000, – CZK (for more girls – women, group discount – price agreement)
  • Free Prague transportation, outside Prague is the price of  5, – CZK per 1 Km

Photo Makeup

I perfectly prepare your makeup, hair-style and give you an advice on choosing clothes.  With my help you will feel like a model.  You will have a beautiful photo from a professional photographer.  We can also make some photos of  your family or relatives  for a family album.

The price includes a photographer, photo studio, makeup and hair styling. Price negotiable.

Bussines makeup

The makeup is rather in natural colors. It will raise your personality every day.

Evening makeup

The makeup should be perfect and a bit more intense than the daily makeup.  It is important to choose the appropriate makeup according to the color of your formal clothing.

Wedding makeup

An extraordinary day of your life.  Completely according to your wishes.  It consists of the examination + consultation and the makeup itself on the wedding day.

  • Makeup Test – Price 1000, – CZK
  • Hairstyle Test – Price 1000, – CZK
  • On the day of your wedding makeup – Price 1500, – CZK
  • On the day of your wedding haircut – Price 1500, – CZK
  • Makeup for every wedding-member – Price 500, – CZK
  • Wedding-member hairstyle – Price 500, – CZK
  • Extraordinary services (Wedding hairstyle on the day of your wedding – makeup +  renewal of makeup and hairstyle and taking care of makeup and hairstyle during shooting) – Price 5000, – CZK

Little (quick) makeup school

I will teach you how to combine colors correctly and how to apply makeup for different occasions

Price 500, – CZK / hour

Above standard

  • Artificial eyelashes-ends with application  100, – CZK
  • Artificial eyelashes – whole with application  150, – CZK
  • Artificial eyelashes – with stones   150, – CZK
  • Makeup fixation   80, – CZK